Facing the Drop.

Standing in the doctor’s office, watching the podiatrist work on Dad’s foot and processing what he has just told me, I feel as if we are all – my dad, Greg (his caregiver and the owner of the house where he lives), and I – perched at the top of a rollercoaster. Right before the […]

The “Joys” of RA.

Can I just ask…is anyone else really tired of the way manufacturers are making caps for bottles these days?  I’m talking about water bottles, milk bottles, pill bottles, tube caps, makeup caps, shampoo bottles, spice and condiment caps, etc. I spend half my time swearing and leaning over (because I can’t squat down, which really bums […]

Hello, World!

Welcome to my new blog! For years now I’ve had the privilege of maintaining and writing for an award-winning, and I like to think, helpful blog about caregiving. I have always used my writing as a way to process events in my life, as well as my thoughts and dreams and the blog helped me […]