Hello, World!

Welcome to my new blog! For years now I’ve had the privilege of maintaining and writing for an award-winning, and I like to think, helpful blog about caregiving. I have always used my writing as a way to process events in my life, as well as my thoughts and dreams and the blog helped me do that. It also became a clearinghouse for information and resources for caregivers going through the challenges that caregiving involves. A few years ago, I started working with and counseling other caregivers, and the blog was part of that. My work with caregivers brought me many rewards and I am so honored and grateful that so many people let me share their lives.

While I am still a caregiver and still want to help caregivers, I have always had other interests in my life and felt it was time to give them more space and spend more time exploring them – and sharing them. It’s not that I think I’m so special but, for whatever reason, I have had a life that’s been both ordinary and extraordinary with what has felt, at times, like more than my fair share of drama and trauma; drama and trauma that cover the gauntlet from parent loss to chronic pain to caregiving to step-parenting. These events and experiences are ones that many others have the potential to experience, and if I can help just one person make it through successfully – or, at least, alive – I will feel I have been of service in the best possible way.

I can’t isolate just one topic, event, or activity, because they all fit together and intersect, and affect each other so I decided that the best way to do this was not to start multiple blogs for each topic, so to speak, but combine them all in one (hopefully) fascinating super blog that will cover not only things that have happened to me but also what I think about them and ways I have coped. Each page has my story about that topic or event, as well as information and resources I’ve found helpful. I hope you explore each page.

I’ve worked hard to have the blog ready for it’s first visitors, but it – like me – is a work in progress. I hope it is a work that others can enjoy. I welcome comments and questions and hope you find something that interests you!


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