This blog is the result of a realization I had while taking part in Healthline.com’s competition for personal healthcare blogs of all different types: caregiving, dementia, cancer, weight-loss, parenting, autism, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, surviving grief, and many, many more. The number of personal and health challenges that people blog about is almost never-ending!

My original blog was about being a Generation X-caregiver for my father, who has dementia – something that has been a real challenge to deal with and has taken years. I realized as I looked through the lists, however, that if I took the other various difficulties that I’ve encountered during my life, I could be writing at least one other blog, if not more. So I decided to do the next best thing; create a blog containing all the things I’ve experienced, know about, think about, wonder about, and write about – not just caregiving and dementia.

Not long ago, after making caregiver advocacy my main job and pastime, I realized that I wanted to move away from doing so much work with caregivers, and exclusively thinking and writing about caregiving. I wanted to start thinking and writing about other aspects of my life, and pondering what I might want to do next – after caregiving! This blog is a way to do that, and to send more of myself out into the world. That’s what this blog will be about, and I hope you enjoy it.

As a writer, I’ve always used my work and skills as a way to process my life, which is why I don’t really write fiction. I also use my writing to help and educate others, figuring if there’s a way I can make someone’s journey a little easier, I’m going to do it. Each page contains stories, information and resources about each topic. Because I am an aut0-didact and learn the most from books, I had a lot of books to list! I’m getting better at finding websites and other resources, however, and will list those as I find them






2 thoughts on “About

  1. Found your link while out collecting links for my digital library for caregivers which will post soon at way2age.com. Compelling blog. Thank you. I also caregive a parent with lewy body dementia and appreciate the resources and caregiver support links.


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